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I’m Angela, an old soul with a passion for design.  After a successful career in Finance, I fine-tuned my skills with study at NY Institute of Art & Design and created Angela Frenzel Designs.  Design has always been my true passion.  I created my company with the philosophy that Interior Design is art in its most functional form.  It should be both functional and beautiful and reflect how we live.  My design approach takes an idea or concept, creating a space using color, texture and pattern to create balance, and a space that is a true reflection of you.

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Christa L - Thank you for all of your hard work!! We are in LOVE with our new space!


Amy K - We LOVE it!! You are so talented Angela, I do not know how you make it look so polished. We should have hired you when we were building.  Now over six years later it looks so nicely put together!


Debra B - Thank you so much Angela, We are enjoying the beautiful design you created!


Misty D - Angela, I want to thank you so much for all your hard work in making my home absolutely beautiful!!! I am still in amazement every time I walk in.

D Malachowski –  We LOVE your transformation of our living space. THANK YOU

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